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Friday, November 11, 2011

Improving Eye Health with Eye Exercises

Vision problems are extremely common complaints. Poor lighting, constant staring at computer screens and other strains contribute to people suffering from imperfect vision. Of course, vision problems are not new problems and there have been innumerable people that have tried to explain why vision degrades. Many of these people have also tried to create methods by which people could improve their vision and help prevent further worsening of their vision. A popular method is improve hand eye coordination exercises, especially those created by William Horatio Bates in the late 1800′s.
The Bates Method
William Bates was an ardent believer that vision problems were the result of strain on the eyes. He felt that glasses were a crutch that were not only unnecessary in any situation but could be harmful, increasing the strain on the eyes and further damaging the person’s vision. Bates also believed that much of the strain on a person’s eyes was physiological. That is, that the eyeball actually changed in shape when attempting to focus on something, and that this change, when forced to be dramatic, caused strain. Eye training exercises intended to strengthen the eye, making these changes in shape less drastic and thereby reducing the strain they caused on the eye. Bates also felt that exposure to sunlight would relieve the constant strain on eyes and improve vision. One of the Bates eye exercises meant to reduce strain was referred to as “palming”. During this process patients were encouraged to close their eyes for several minutes and relax. By covering the eyes with the palms of their hands, without pressing on the eyes, the relaxation was deepened and the strain released. Bates believed that if the patient was truly relaxed he would see intense blackness and that any of the natural colors or lights experienced when a person closes his eyes was caused by eye strain and would disappear when he was fully relaxed. Another of the Bates eye exercises that was meant to improve vision was visualization. By visualizing blackness, Bates asserted, a patient could improve not only his imagination but his actual vision as well.
Lazy Eyes
One type of eye complain is amblyopia, or more commonly, lazy eye. A lazy eye is one that does not effectively communicate with the brain. It often does not cooperate with the other eye to create full sight, and sometimes “wanders” or appears to move around by itself. Lazy eye exercises can be effective in not only correcting the appearance of a lazy eye, but restoring cooperation between both eyes, and communication between the lazy eye and the brain. One of the most common, and arguably most effective, lazy eye exercises is actually not a real “exercise” at all. Rather, it involves covering the healthy eye with a patch that totally removes all sight from that eye. The lazy eye is then forced to communicate with the brain, working harder to see and remain focuses. This is what is considered the “exercise”. When done regularly, wearing a eye patch can correct the amblyopia and allow both eyes to work together to improve vision and prevent future worsening of the eye condition.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Teeth Whitening Options

Let me tell you how to get white teeth. I know specifically how to do this because I’ve tried so many different options over the years. (I’m a coffee drinker, you see. I’m also a smoker. The odds are against me.
White teeth for some people happen when they start using whitening toothpaste. Let me tell you about whitening toothpaste – it doesn’t work. Sure, it will help a little bit. Maybe it will keep your teeth from staining further or take off a layer of brown or two. But let’s face it; if your teeth are bad enough that you know you need to whiten them, then toothpaste won’t do you any good either.
The next store-bought option is to buy whitening kits. These are terrible tasting, foul smelling, and they don’t really work either. Why? Well, whitening kits put a watered-down bleaching solution on your teeth, usually held in place with plastic strips or retainers. You’re supposed to follow directions and keep them on your teeth for several minutes at a time, meaning that you have to hold saliva filled with bleaching solution in your mouth for that long. If you swallow, you’ll regret it.
Then you have to do this all over again the next day, with some bleaching kits requiring twice a day treatments. At the end of two months, sure you’ll notice whiter teeth. You’ll want so desperately for your teeth to be white (mostly so you can give up the whitening treatments) that your brain will provide the color for you. And if they do work in some small way, it still isn’t enough. Your teeth will either not be white enough (which was my problem) or they will go back to brown too quickly for your taste.
The best option is to go to a dentist for your teeth whitening procedure. Sometimes your regular dentist will be able to whiten your teeth without a problem, but some dentists won’t or can’t do it. That leaves you with the option of finding a cosmetic dentist near you who won’t charge you a fortune. Personally, I looked up “teeth whitening in West Allis” and found someone I really like. He works in a regular dental practice and does a great job whitening my teeth. And with my teeth the way that they are, that is a small miracle.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Healthy Body and Brain

The wolrd is less hazy when you have health and happiness!

Healthy Body and Brain

All the info you need to keep healthy and happy! Thanks for visiting us at
Healthy Body and Brain! We aim to please!


We all need sleep, right? But how much is enough?
New studies show that if you get less than 7 to 8 hours the effects can be
dramatic. You’ll likely eat more – much more and you will be in a foggy haze.
Fruit flies that don’t get sleep will not mate and do it! Do you wanna do it?
Then get your sleep!


How much exercise is too much?
If you work out it is suggested by experts that you push yourself till it
hurts. If it does not hurt after all you must not be working hard enough. But
other experts are asking for pause – take a break and stop before it hurts
as it may actually do your body more good to get in some rest before you push your limits. So take breaks and hydrate properly when working out. It can only

Bangkok Pollution

Flurrying about in a sea of madness – that’s what it can be like in a busy
metro area like Bangkok Thailand. Pollution is in every breath and chaos ensues.
The simple way to beat the effects is to hydrate and drink lots of water and
take additional vitamin and moneral supplements. This may help keep the toxins
form leeching into your body.
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